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  GLENDALE, Ariz. — Gregg Berhalter ushered in a new era for the United States men’s soccer team with an attacking style and a new captain.

  A lopsided victory was a great way to get started, even in a match involving mostly second-a nd third-stringers.

  Berhalter became the third United States men’s coach in the modern era to start with a win, Djordje Mihailovic and Christian Ramirez scored in their national team debuts, and the Americans beat Panama by 3-0 on Sunday night in an exhibition.

  “It’s nice to put in the work after an extended period of time and get a reward for that,” Berhalter said. “The guys should be proud of themselves. They really worked hard.”

  Walker Zimmerman also scored for the United States, which used a roster composed of players from Major League Soccer and drew just 9,040, its smallest crowd for a home game since October 2016.

  Berhalter made a surprise pick as captain, choosing defender Aaron Long in his third international appearance rather than 31-year-old midfielder Michael Bradley in his 143rd.

  “Leadership comes naturally to me,” Long said. “I am one of the older guys in camp and stepped up that way. I just try to go about my business the same way, change nothing.”

  Seven American players made their debuts, including five starters — the most since in the starting lineup since Sept. 3, 1992, at Canada.

  Mihailovic was joined by his fellow newcomers Corey Baird and Jeremy Ebobisse in the midfield, and outside backs Nick Lima and Daniel Lovitz also made their debuts. Jonathan Lewis and Ramirez made their debuts in the second half. The only players with more than six previous international appearances were Bradley and 27-year-old forward Gyasi Zardes.

  Mihailovic put the United States ahead in the 40th minute from just inside the penalty area off a cross from Baird.

  Zimmerman scored his second goal in five appearances in the 80th minute, knocking in a header from about 7 yards after Nick Lima intercepted a pass to stop Panama’s attempt at a counterattack.

  Ramirez tapped in a cross from Lewis in the 89th minute.

  “There’s a group of guys that have to take more responsibility and be encouraged and engaged to put more on their shoulders,” Bradley said.

  Goalkeeper Zack Steffen was not tested much in the first half against a team that finished last in the World Cup and had six players making their debuts. He reached out his left hand to block Edson Samms’s close-range shot 10 minutes into the second half. Sean Johnson replaced Steffen with about 15 minutes to go.

  Thirty Americans players have made debuts in 13 matches since the October 2017 loss at Trinidad and Tobago ended the Americans’ streak of seven World Cup appearances, just six fewer debuts than in 62 matches during the entire 2014-17 World Cup cycle.

  Bruce Arena quit as coach after the defeat in Trinidad and was replaced on an interim basis by Dave Sarachan, his top assistant. Berhalter, a former American defender who was the coach of the Columbus Crew of M.L.S., was hired last month. He joined Bora Milutinovic in 1991 and Bob Bradley in 2007 as the only Americans to win their debuts since the United States returned to the world stage in the late 1980s.

  The 45-year-old Berhalter was a member of the 2002 and 2006 World Cup teams and became the first American to coach the national team after playing for it at the World Cup.

  He promised a pressing style, and the Americans delivered. His team plays again with the all-M.L.S. roster against Costa Rica on Saturday in San Jose, Calif. He will not have his full player pool until Marc, and the first nonexhibition matches under Berhalter will be at the Concacaf Gold Cup in June.

  “It was a good baseline, gives us something to work with,” Berhalter said.




  【卡】【瓦】【洛】【深】【深】【吸】【了】【一】【口】【气】,【再】【看】【一】【遍】【躺】【在】【在】【上】【的】【战】【友】,【眼】【眶】【湿】【润】【了】。 【他】【们】【都】【是】【跟】【自】【己】【南】【征】【北】【战】【的】【战】【友】,【自】【己】【答】【应】【过】【他】【们】,【跟】【自】【己】【一】【起】【努】【力】【战】【斗】,【一】【定】【会】【让】【他】【们】【成】【为】E【国】【的】【英】【雄】。 “【你】【们】【都】【是】【英】【雄】!” 【卡】【瓦】【洛】【按】【下】【发】【送】【键】,【信】【息】【发】【送】【出】【去】。 【他】【不】【由】【得】【想】【起】【自】【己】【刚】【刚】【怀】【孕】【的】【妻】【子】,【自】【己】【明】【年】【就】【可】【以】【当】【爸】【爸】【了】,

  【沈】【言】【卿】【不】【知】【道】【岁】【寒】【九】【用】【了】【什】【么】【法】【子】【竟】【然】【在】【她】【试】【镜】【的】【短】【短】【时】【间】【内】【扣】【下】【了】【曲】【新】【词】,【也】【不】【知】【道】【他】【这】【个】【计】【划】【布】【局】【了】【多】【久】。 【她】【只】【知】【道】【曲】【新】【词】【一】【旦】【被】【顾】【城】【西】【抓】【在】【手】【里】,【怕】【是】【此】【生】【都】【不】【会】【再】【见】【到】【今】【天】【这】【样】【好】【的】【阳】【光】【了】。 【祝】【以】【南】【得】【知】【这】【个】【消】【息】【的】【时】【候】【无】【悲】【无】【喜】,【平】【静】【的】【仿】【佛】【置】【身】【事】【外】【的】【人】。【他】【看】【了】【一】【眼】【正】【在】【眯】【眼】【看】【太】【阳】【的】【沈】【言】【卿】,

  【本】【书】【烂】…【咳】,【完】【本】【了】。 【写】【在】【完】【本】【感】【言】【之】【前】,【为】【何】【这】【几】【天】【没】【有】【更】【新】。 【主】【要】【是】【这】【几】【天】,【我】【在】【看】【自】【己】【写】【的】【这】【几】【十】【万】【字】,【想】【看】【看】【还】【能】【不】【能】【再】【拯】【救】。 【之】【所】【以】【没】【有】【开】【单】【章】【说】,【是】【不】【想】【给】【一】【些】【还】【喜】【欢】【本】【书】【的】【读】【者】【希】【望】,【到】【时】【候】【像】【现】【在】【看】【到】【完】【本】【感】【言】【这】【四】【个】【字】,【估】【计】【要】【把】【我】【喷】【的】【体】【无】【完】【肤】。 【但】【看】【了】【两】【遍】【后】,【发】【现】【书】【确】【实】【已】

  【是】【人】【是】【鬼】【都】【在】【秀】,【只】【有】【阿】【森】【在】【挨】【揍】。 【对】【于】【挨】【揍】【这】【件】【事】【情】,【张】【郁】【森】【从】【刚】【开】【始】【的】【一】【人】【独】【大】【到】【胡】【大】【静】【专】【属】【的】【一】【人】【毒】【打】,【他】【已】【经】【习】【惯】【了】。 【用】【李】【承】【然】【和】【薛】【嵩】【的】【话】【说】,【阿】【森】【一】【天】【不】【挨】【揍】【估】【计】【会】【皮】【痒】【难】【耐】。 【俗】【话】【说】,【打】【在】【儿】【身】【上】,【痛】【在】【娘】【心】【上】,【除】【了】【刺】【史】【夫】【人】【不】【是】【太】【习】【惯】。 “【不】【好】【了】!【不】【好】【了】!”【张】【家】【小】【家】【仆】【惨】【叫】【声】【差】今期2018东方心经六十四期【传】【闻】【从】【来】【不】【可】【能】【只】【是】**【来】【风】,【既】【然】【八】【大】【神】【器】【有】【了】【四】【件】【都】【传】【言】【藏】【匿】【于】【储】【灵】【之】【中】,【那】【么】【他】【们】【未】【必】【寻】【不】【到】【其】【中】【的】【一】【点】【踪】【迹】,【而】【但】【凡】【只】【要】【找】【到】【一】【点】【蛛】【丝】【马】【迹】,【这】【储】【灵】【的】【领】【头】【位】【置】,【自】【然】【也】【是】【不】【可】【能】【再】【保】【住】。 【近】【千】【年】【了】,【储】【灵】【的】【地】【位】【一】【直】【压】【制】【在】【他】【们】【之】【上】,【虽】【然】【八】【大】【门】【派】【表】【面】【上】【彼】【此】【都】【还】【相】【互】【敬】【重】,【可】【是】【他】【心】【里】【很】【清】【楚】,【只】【要】

  【实】【际】【上】【在】《【荒】【野】【大】【镖】【客】:【救】【赎】》【里】【面】,【也】【并】【非】【是】【十】【赌】【九】【输】。 【在】【这】【方】【面】【上】【杨】【晨】【没】【有】【利】【用】【什】【么】【伪】【随】【机】【的】【机】【制】,【比】【如】【说】【什】【么】【玩】【家】【累】【计】【输】【几】【次】【就】【必】【赢】【一】【次】。 【而】【是】【直】【接】【采】【取】【了】【完】【全】【随】【机】【的】【机】【制】,【如】【果】【你】【的】【运】【气】【足】【够】【好】,【你】【能】【够】【一】【直】【赢】【下】【去】。 【如】【果】【你】【的】【运】【气】【差】,【你】【一】【把】【都】【赢】【不】【了】。 【因】【为】【是】【单】【人】【线】【下】【的】【游】【戏】【体】【验】,【再】【加】

  【天】【罚】【神】【的】【诅】【咒】! 【作】【为】【创】【世】【神】【最】【狂】【热】【的】【拥】【趸】,【艾】【比】·【霍】【夫】【曼】【自】【然】【明】【白】【这】【是】【什】【么】【意】【思】。 【但】【是】,【为】【什】【么】? 【为】【什】【么】【同】【为】【神】【明】,【与】【创】【世】【神】【处】【于】【同】【一】【时】【代】、【同】【样】【近】【乎】【万】【年】【没】【有】【出】【现】【于】【人】【前】【的】【天】【罚】【神】,【居】【然】【要】【诅】【咒】【一】【个】【仿】【佛】【与】【他】【毫】【不】【相】【干】【的】【人】【类】? 【艾】【比】【对】【此】【并】【不】【能】【明】【了】,【但】【唯】【有】【一】【件】【事】【是】【已】【经】【确】【定】【的】。 ——【格】【罗】【不】

  【陈】【家】【亭】【台】【水】【榭】【中】。 【唐】【长】【老】【和】【陈】【老】【二】【相】【对】【而】【坐】,【手】【中】【举】【着】【茶】【杯】,【细】【细】【品】【着】【刚】【出】【的】【香】【茗】。 【茶】【香】【四】【溢】,【清】【香】【久】【久】【不】【散】。 【院】【中】【不】【时】【响】【起】【几】【声】【悦】【耳】【的】【鸟】【鸣】,【叽】【咕】【叽】【咕】,【霎】【是】【动】【听】。 【几】【位】【身】【材】【姣】【好】【的】【婢】【站】【在】【老】【远】,【一】【动】【不】【动】,【脸】【上】【始】【终】【挂】【着】【淡】【然】【的】【笑】【意】。 【良】【辰】【美】【景】,【水】【榭】【中】【的】【两】【个】【男】【人】【心】【情】【也】【格】【外】【愉】【悦】。 【唐】

  【北】【城】【老】【筒】【桥】【上】【驶】【过】【几】【辆】【大】【车】,【不】【知】【装】【载】【了】【什】【么】,【往】【肖】【家】【的】【方】【向】【去】【了】。【大】【车】【闹】【哄】【哄】【地】【卸】【下】【东】【西】【又】【呼】【哧】【呼】【哧】【开】【走】,【留】【下】【一】【片】【模】【糊】【视】【线】【的】【大】【灰】。 【肖】【林】【带】【个】【老】【花】【镜】【仔】【仔】【细】【细】【地】【往】【盘】【然】【大】【物】【里】【边】【瞧】,【大】【门】【命】【人】【关】【上】【了】,【他】【在】【大】【堂】【内】【踱】【步】,【这】【时】【内】【屋】【走】【出】【一】【形】【色】【匆】【忙】【的】【女】【人】,【只】【见】【她】【提】【溜】【着】【裙】【子】【跑】【到】【了】【肖】【林】【面】【前】。 “【是】【它】【吗】?

责任编辑: 王倩紫